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We LOVE this coffee, it kept coming up top in blind tastings across all coffees, not just decaffeinated beans!

Product Information

This decaffeinated coffee is sourced from farmers in the Huila and Tolima regions of Colombia. Subregion - Huila/Tolima, Processing - Process washed with sugarcane (Ethyl Acetate).

What is Sugarcane decaffeination?

This Process, which was pioneered in Colombia, uses a by product from sugarcane production called Ethyl Acitate. The process begins with the beans being gently steamed to open the pores so that the caffeine can be extracted, before the beans are washed in the Ethyl Acitate to gently remove the caffeine, leaving the natural flavour of the coffee intact.

Tasting Notes: Malt loaf, Christmas cake, Chocolate, Dried apple.

Brewing Tips

This coffee is a truly versatile coffee, makes great coffee whatever process you use