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Finca medina
Finca medina

Finca medina


Finca Medina,

Product Information

Introducing: Finca Medina.

Another beautiful coffee from the highlands of Guatemala, and a properly traditional one - it’s been in operation since 1842! But don’t let that fool you, traditional doesn’t mean closed to modern technologies and ideas. Every batch of coffee is evaluated in a laboratory, they use a state of the art water treatment plant recycling water used in processing the coffee with an anaerobic, facultative and then wastewater pond system not allowing the used water to go back to the subsoil - the plan is to fulfill all the highest requirements in the BOD and QOD indexes. On top of that the spent fruit pulp is used for organic compost, reusing the “spent” water for rehydration and mixing the ingredients making sure carbon dioxide is released and compost is properly aerated. Fruit pulp is mixed with leaves, sticks, wood choppings and tree trimmings making the compost very rich in nutrients and viable as an organic fertilizer - which is then used on the coffee trees. There’s definitely a lot of “re” happening around Finca Medina and we absolutely love it!


Origin - Guatemala

Subregion - Agua volcano, Antigua

Harvest season - 2023

Producer type - Small Holder Farmers

Processing mill - Finca Medina

Processing type - Washed

Elevation - 1650masl

Plant Species - Arabica

Botanical variety - Caturra

Brewing Tips

We made this coffee to be a perfect filter, and tastes amazing as a pour over. This coffee is one to savour.