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Special Batch
Special Batch

Special Batch


La Sarena

Product Information

We have Sourced this special coffee from the Antioquia region in north Medellin.

during our initial cupping and sampling phase this coffee stood out. the sweetness and lightness is banging.

natural/dry process of this Caturra variety with double peach fermentation pre and post pulping with natural peach juice.

gives us this interesting coffee. tasting notes are peach, Fruit candy, which makes it sweet and honeyed.

we have had fantastic results on both filter and espresso extractions. even Pablo himself would have been proud of this product of Medellin.

Growing Altitude - 1750m

Process - Natural/dry Processed

Variety - Caturra - Arabica

Tasting Notes Peach, Candy Fruits,

Brewing Tips

We made this coffee to be a perfect filter, and tastes amazing as a pour over. This coffee is one to savour.