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Longwalk Hunbatz
Longwalk Hunbatz

Longwalk Hunbatz


Our signature espresso coffee from the highlands of Guatemala

Product Information

The Hunbatz takes it’s name from one of two brothers in a XVI century creation myth. Hunbatz and his brother Hunchouen were talented artists and dancers, singers, shooters, painters, smiths. One day they climbed a tree which grew up so tall that they couldn’t get down. As they were struggling, their loincloths turned into tails and one of them turned into a spider monkey, the other turned into a howler monkey, which is a primary deity in old Mayan beliefs - a god patron of artisans. 


The coffee is grown by a collection of small producers in the northwestern region of Guatemala, Huehuetenango, also known as ‘the highlands’.


Because of their traditional methods of working with soil, it’s difficult to judge what botanical varietals they harvest, so you’ll see that mentioned as “mixed varietals” on our packaging.


The coffee is processed in a traditional washed process and we roast it so it works both for filter and a more modern, lighter style espresso. Expect notes of marzipan, yellow plums and liquorice. Works beautifully in an oat flat white, or just as a pure espresso, in a latte it will be a bit more mellow than a classic espresso blend. Very elegant stuff and we’re extremely happy with our relationship with Javier at Caribbean Goods, we’re all for directly supporting small communities of coffee growers and focusing more on the impact our trade has on their lifes. As a bonus, the more coffee we buy from Javier, the more trees are planted in a Scottish Highland reforestation project. So it’s a win-win-win situation if you ask us!

Brewing Tips

We roast this coffee specifically to enjoy as espresso, mocha pot or Aeropress